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Peppered Bacon

Lobel’s Peppered Bacon is maple cured, rolled in cracked black Tellicherry pepper, and smoked with applewood for a bacon that is a classic of its style.

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(16 oz.) Peppered Bacon (frozen) $13.95
This item available between 12/31/2016 - 04/29/2017
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The peppery bite contrasts perfectly with the sweet-smoky flavor of this thick-cut bacon. Try it with your favorite breakfast eggs, griddle cakes, or waffles. It’s ideal for topping salads, sandwiches, wraps, baked beans, and vegetable dishes. It could easily become your bacon of choice for the best spaghetti carbonara you’ve ever had.

About This Bacon
Lobel’s Peppered Bacon comes from pigs raised in the certified humane environments of small, family farms in Eastern Canada. Each hand-selected pork belly is hand-trimmed, cured, and marinated in a dark maple syrup brine for 10 days before being double-smoked with apple wood for a deeply flavored bacon that is robust and unforgettable. Each of Lobel’s sliced bacons are all-natural, as well as being free of any antibiotics, preservatives, or nitrites.

We ship our bacon frozen. Some thawing may occur during transit.

Water, Salt, Maple Syrup, Sodium Phosphate, Dextrose, Sodium Erythorbate, Brown Sugar, and Sodium Nitrate.