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Displaced New Yorkers take note: If you want a taste of home, you couldn’t choose any better than Lobel’s Pastrami. This is real-deal, New York deli-style, navel pastrami.

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(4-6 lbs.) New York-Style Pastrami $89.95
This item available between 12/31/2016 - 04/29/2017
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You’ll find our pastrami possesses a supple texture and a fine balance of smokiness and rich, beefy flavor.

Slice it thin and pile it high on rye bread with mustard, and you’ve got a taste straight from the streets of Manhattan.

Some say the flavor of New York pastrami has to do with the Big Apple’s famed water. Whatever the reason, we’ve received many inquiries over the years asking when Lobel’s would introduce pastrami to our list of product offerings. And, not so coincidently perhaps, the questions often originate with former New York City residents—people who just can’t find the unique taste of New York pastrami where they now live.

So for everyone who pines for one of New York’s true taste experiences and for everyone else who has yet to experience pastrami at its peak—the wait is over. Now you can have the best Big Apple-style pastrami delivered fresh and overnight anywhere in the 50 United States.

Preparation and Serving
Lobel's Pastrami can be served cold or at room temperature. However, heating it gently really brings out the very best flavor and texture. Click here to download our heating instructions.