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Fondo di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tuscany, Italy)

When you’re looking for an olive oil to complement Lobel’s perfect steak recipe, you couldn’t find one better than Fondo di Toscana Extra Virgin Tuscan Olive Oil.

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(500 ML) bottle Fondo di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil $46.98
This item available between 12/31/2016 - 04/29/2017
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Tuscan olive oil has long been considered the finest in the world, known for its intense olive essence, silky mouth feel, and slightly peppery finish. A splash after cooking your steaks, chops, and roasts adds a luscious end note to any grilled, roasted, or broiled preparation.

Fondo di Toscana is one of only a handful of oils to receive certification by the Instituto Geographica de Agostini (IGA), which assures that the olives used in production originate from and conform to the strict geographic protection of Tuscany.

A small cooperative of olive growers in Tuscany hand-pick the ripe fruit and cold press within a matter of hours of harvest. Using a blend of Moraiolo, Frentoio, and Leccino olives, Fondo di Toscana Extra Virgin Olive Oil is well-balanced, beautifully green, and robust with a fruity full flavor.

The distinctive crescent-shaped 500 ml bottle is as unique and elegant as the oil inside. Its dark green color protects this superb oil from the harmful ultraviolet light.