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Cottage Bacon

This bacon is a show stopper. While it appears similar to loin-cut Canadian bacon, Lobel’s Cottage Bacon comes from the delectable center of a marble-laced pork butt, cured and smoked for an intense flavor and unique texture among bacons.

Product Code
(1 lb. piece) Center-Cut Canadian Bacon (frozen) $24.95
(12 oz.) Cottage Bacon (frozen) $12.95
This item available between 12/31/2016 - 04/29/2017
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This bacon is ideal for those who want less fat than traditional strip bacon and fuller, richer flavor than lean Canadian bacon.

Not only that, Cottage Bacon is round and thick-sliced, making it the hands-down best choice for topping a sizzling and juicy prime-beef burger—or anything on a round bun. Give Eggs Benedict a smokey kick, or give club sandwiches full bacon coverage.

About This Bacon
Lobel’s Cottage Bacon comes from pigs raised in the certified humane environments of small, family farms in Eastern Canada. Each hand-selected pork butt is hand-trimmed, cured, and marinated in a dark maple syrup brine for 10 days before being double-smoked with apple wood for a deeply flavored bacon that is robust and unforgettable. Each of Lobel’s sliced bacons are all-natural, as well as being free of any antibiotics, preservatives, or nitrites.

We ship our bacon frozen. Some thawing may occur during transit.

Natural Pork Butt, Water, Sea Salt, Turbinado Sugar, Maple Syrup, Natural Flavorings, Lactic Acid Starter Culture.