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Bittersweet Herb Farm Smoked Onion Seasoning

This all-purpose seasoning is accented with a hint of hickory smoke for a delightful twist to a classic onion spice and herb blend.

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(6.5 oz.) jar Bittersweet Herb Farm Smoked Onion Seasoning $10.98
This item available between 12/31/2016 - 04/29/2017
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Mix with sour cream for an uncommon take on everyone’s favorite party dip. Hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf, gravies, soups, casseroles, and so much more benefit from a dash of this mixture.

About Bittersweet Herb Farm Seasonings

Bittersweet Herb Farm Seasoning Blends add a pure herbal flavor blast to meat, poultry or seafood dish as a rub or topping. Each blend stands on its own herb-and-spice foundation with no sugars or salts that would mask the inherent herbal essences. They are terrific seasonings for meat loaf, and equally at home with potatoes, rice, pasta as well as steamed or sautéed veggies.Ingredients

Parsley flakes, basil, granulated garlic, onion flakes, pepper, toasted onion powder, hickory smoke. Salt, sugar, and preservative free.